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  • Beware! Scam artists are using actual cooperative employee names and making the phone calls look as though they're coming from the co-op on the member’s caller ID. Learn More »
  • Stay updated about power outages & restoration efforts by clicking the link below to visit our online outage map. Learn More »
  • WFEC has a new, easy to remember 24-hour outage hotline number! 1.844.OUTAGE1 or 1.844.688.2431 Learn More »
  • Curious about solar? Is it right for you? Check out this informational video. Learn More »
  • Treat downed power lines as though they are live. Report downed lines and other electrical system emergencies to WFEC. Learn More »
  • Having the correct phone number listed on your account is very important to our outage restoration efforts. Make sure your account information is up-to-date! Learn More »
  • The convenience of paying bills by phone is something we all love. Find out how easy using Telelink can be by watching this short video. Learn More »
  • Sneads High School junior, Jalen Kenner and Blountstown High School junior, Sofia Coley were named West Florida Electric’s Youth Tour competition winners on Tuesday, February 21. Korbin Haller of Graceville was named the alternate. Learn More »
  • Some Capital Credit refund checks mailed by the co-op in March were returned unclaimed. If your name is on this list, please contact the cooperative to verify ownership & provide your current mailing address. Learn More »

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Home Appliances

Appliances may be ordered in several colors and styles.


West Florida Electric Cooperative (WFEC) is a Kohler® generator dealer.

Outdoor Lighting

Streetlights make our roadways and sidewalks safer for vehicles and pedestrians.


Electric Grills and Smokers

Electric grills cost pennies to operate and never run out of fuel.

Surge Protectors

This device protects the house from harmful spikes and surges before they enter your home.