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EZ Pay Power (Prepaid)

West Florida Electric’s prepaid metering program:

Do you want to save money on deposits? Or monitor energy usage more closely? Then EZ Pay Power, West Florida Electric’s prepaid metering program is right for you.

Signing up is easy! Visit a district office and tell them you're interested in prepaid electric service. Then, pay a fee of just $105 + your first power purchase and you’ll be on your way!

Receive notifications when your balance is low to decide when you need to purchase more power. Electricity can be purchased in person during business hours or by phone or online 24/7/365. Power can also be purchased with no service fee using the cooperative’s mobile apps or by calling 1-855-MY-WFECA.

Many prepaid members have noticed a reduction in the amount of power they’re using – mostly because they’ve become more conscious about when and how they’re actually using electricity.

Prepaid Lease Agreement