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Off-Site Payment Locations

Other locations to make payments:

People’s South Bank will accept payments from any WFEC member - even if you're not a People’s South customer. WFEC members can make cash or check payments inside any location listed below or use the night drop.

Members must have a current payment coupon and must pay the full amount of the bill. Late payments will not be accepted.

People's South Bank - Blountstown
20455 W Central Ave
Blountstown, FL 32424
850-674-5900 | Directions

People's South Bank - Chipley
1615 Main St
Chipley, FL 32428
850-415-1320 | Directions

People's South Bank - Greenwood
4192 Bryan St
Greenwood, FL 32443
850-594-4151 | Directions

People's South Bank - Marianna
2260 FL-71
Marianna, FL 32448
850-526-4331 or 850-482-4029 | Directions