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Access accounts anytime, anywhere:

Access the Member Portal

Login using your member number or custom login ID. The member portal requires a login using your full account number (member number + the three digit member separator at the end ex. 123456001). If you have multiple accounts, you'll be able to see all accounts under one login - regardless the member separator used for the actual login.

If you use a custom login ID, you should be able to continue to access the portal unless your login ID was numeric only. If this is the case, log in using your account number and change your login ID to an alpha-numeric ID. 

NOTE: When setting passwords for both the customer service portal and mobile app, only the following special characters are acceptable (!@#$%) as part of your password.

Paying online with a laptop

If this is your first visit, start with creating a username and password.

1. Access the Member Portal 

2. Set up your account by selecting Create User ID.

3. Create your Username and password and select continue. Make sure to select the type of account (residential or commercial). 

4. Follow the rest of the set-up instructions and you'll be on your way. 


Forget your password?

1. Click login & select the Reset Password link. 

2. Enter the account number or user ID you want to reset.

3. Enter the last four digits of your telephone number. 

4. Click submit.

If the password reset was successful, the combination of the account number/last four digits of the phone number is authenticated, and a pop-up window will display a message informing you an email was sent to the registered email on the account. This email contains a reset password link. If the password reset was unsuccessful, a pop-up window will request the user to verify the information. 

5. Once logged in, the member can change their password in the My Account tab.