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May 2024

Avoid Mail Delays & Late Fees - Pay a Different Way

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Mailing delays continue to plague West Florida Electric Cooperative's (WFEC) members and other cooperative members around the country. These delays have influenced members' ability to make payments by the due date listed on their bills causing late fees to be added to some billing statements.

Here's a little information about how the cooperative's bills are mailed - electric bills are sent out in three cycles each month. The cycle you are in determines your due date. If you are in cycle 1, your bill is due the 15th, cycle 2, the 25th and cycle 3, the 5th. WFEC strives to mail bills as early as possible each month to allow plenty of time for you to receive and pay your bill. But, delays by the USPS have impeded this process.

If you don't receive your bill or have issues mailing payments, WFEC offers several other options to make payments:

• Mobile apps - simply go to your IOS or Android store to download the app. You can view bills, sign up for alerts and reminders, view your payment history, pay bills and more.

• Online via the cooperative's website ( Create a user name and password and you are on your way. You can view statements, sign up for alerts and reminders and make payments.

• Bank/credit card draft - you can sign up to have your payments automatically drafted from your bank account or credit card.

• Phone - just call the co-op's automated payment system by dialing 855-699-3322. You can also call the co-op during business hours and make a payment over the phone. When calling to make a payment with a cashier, please have your payment method readily available, know your
account number, or the name of the account holder. This will help speed up the payment process.

Remember, when utilizing any of the payment methods listed above, you will still receive a printed bill each month.

These are simply more reliable and faster ways to make payment rather than depending upon the mail to arrive in a timely manner and your payment to make it back to the co-op before your bill's due date.

If you have any questions about any of these billing options, please call 800-342-7400.

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