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May 2024

Special Needs Registry Program

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Special Needs Shelters are designated to meet the needs of people who require assistance that exceeds the services and basic first-aid care provided at general population shelters.

If you have a health or medical condition that  requires medical  attention while at a shelter, you should register for this program. Home health and hospice patients should make sure that your agency has registered you in the system.

Who is eligible to stay in a Special Needs Shelter?

• People with special medical needs

• People whose care exceeds the basic first aid provided at general population shelters

• People with impairments or disabilities who are medically stable

• Anyone with special conditions affecting eyesight, hearing, speech, walking, breathing or an emotional condition and would need assistance during evacuations and sheltering

The capabilities of each Special Needs Shelter varies based on a community's needs and available resources.

This registry must be updated each year. Please keep in mind that completing the Florida Special Needs Registry does not automatically qualify individuals for a special needs shelter. More information will be provided by your local emergency management agency regarding evacuation
and sheltering options. If you would like to register for the Special Needs Shelter Registry Program, please contact your local emergency management office. Their contact numbers and websites are listed below:

Calhoun County: 850-674-8075 or
Holmes County: 850-547-1112 or
Jackson County: 850-482-9678 or
Washington County: 850-638-6203 or

West Florida Electric helps local emergency management agencies get the word out about this program.

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