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February 2024

Affordable Electricity Powers our Daily Lives

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Let's talk about electricity. It's been around a long time, but there's still no greater value among America's commodities than electricity. Just as important as electricity itself, costs to the user have remained low, and this has kept electricity one of the greatest values among all energy
sources. In fact, electricity remains an excellent value, especially when compared to other costs of living that have gone up due to inflation.

2022 saw the highest demand ever for electricity in the United States, and 14 times greater than the electrical demand in 1950. With virtually any other commodity, this would have an enormous impact on the price to the consumer. And yet, electricity remains one of the greatest and most
affordable energy sources.

Electricity has been around now for so many generations, it is easy to take for granted. But when you consider the staggering number of things today powered by affordable electricity, it's hard to imagine life without it.

Electricity Will Power the Future
The trend toward greater electrification will continue. This is already evident in the manufacturing sector, where equipment such as loaders and forklifts are more commonly electrically powered. Even during times of economic inflation, electricity remains a great value. Compared to recent price increases in other products and services, electrical power price increases have been minimal. For example: $1 worth electricity would get you:

• 428 drinks made in the blender
• 11 pots of coffee brewed
• 137 hours of laptop usage
• 59 gallons of ice cream made
• 103 uses of a hair dryer
• 744 slices of toast
• 17 uses of your washing machine
• 52 hours of gaming time on the latest console

Keeping You Powered, And Your Costs Low
Keeping you powered is no small task. The reason we exist is to serve you. West Florida Electric Cooperative (WFEC), your local energy cooperative, is owned by members like you. It is our mission to provide homes and businesses with reliable electrical power at an affordable price. Let's talk about electrical power. It keeps our lives flowing, powers innovation, and opens the door to a future of possibilities. It's not just a commodity, but a necessity and WFEC is proud to bring it to you.

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