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May 2024

Don't Delay, Update Today

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Take a minute while the sun shines and before storms head our way to update your West Florida Electric account information. Most of us don't realize how important maintaining up-to-date account information is, but it can play a role in how quickly your power is restored when those storms do roll in. Why is that? Because the co-op uses your phone number as an account identifier when there are outages.

If you've called and the automated system answered, it is because we are experiencing an extremely high volume of calls due to outages. The first thing this system does is try to recognize the phone number and link it to an account and location. This helps with restoration efforts. If the automated system answers and you are calling from a number that isn't listed on your account, it won't recognize your location. This could cause delays in power restoration efforts. You don't want that to happen and neither do we.

Updating your account information is extremely easy. The co-op offers several ways to make updates.

1. Online:
2. On the mobile app
3. Calling the automated system: 855-MYWFECA (855-699-3322)
4. Call the office: 800-342-7400

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