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April 2024

Shaping Our Energy Future Through Innovation

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The energy industry is changing significantly - change driven by technology and the transmission to more sustainable energy. Innovation is essential in addressing these challenges and ensuring a continuous, reliable and affordable power supply.

Preparing for Increased Energy Use
Interest in electric vehicles (EVs) is growing. West Florida Electric Cooperative (WFEC) is available to help members make informed decisions about EVs, including electric charging options and capacity requirements for the home. Check out our online EV tool to learn more about them and the tax credits and rebates available. WFEC, like all electric providers, must plan now to have the necessary infrastructure in place to meet future EV charging needs - without jeopardizing the ability to provide reliable power.

Innovative Efficiency Solutions
WFEC is driven by a commitment to community and member satisfaction. Free energy evaluations for homes or businesses can help you take advantage of actionable energy-saving advice as well as efficiency services offered by the co-op. The cooperative's rebate programs and prepaid electric service are just a couple of examples of how WFEC helps you take control of your energy use.

Commitment to Community
You may not realize it, but WFEC is part of a a network of 900 electric co-ops nationwide. While we are locally-owned by you, the members of the co-op, we also have the advantage of working with co-ops across the country to share ideas and leverage the innovations our colleagues might have tried first. As cooperatives, we're collaborators instead of competitors - it is a unique aspect of our business model, and we're stronger because of it. Our energy future will look different than it has in the past, but WFEC is prepared to adapt for the members we serve. Our mission and commitment to you remain steady - to provide reliable power at a cost local families and businesses can afford.

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